How to develop creative mind leads
to success & motivation for others?

Creative and exceptional, out of box thinking / conceptualization is very important for any type of designs with highest customer / user experience.

So the question is how to develop a creative mind?

Follow these points to develop it efficiently and quickly.

  • Think all the time by asking 3 questions to yourself What, Why & How?
  • Always ask yourself What, Why & How to start thinking / conceptualizing?
  • Concept should be based on end-users/business needs to justify answer of What?
  • Design should have proper reasoning to justify the User by answer of Why?
  • Create rough ideas, plans by sketches, drawings and story boarding to justify How?
  • Gather creative feedback from SMEs / End-users via surveys, interviews, analysis, evaluation, usability testing of creative concept / solution.
  • Boost your creative thinking by referring books, videos & websites.
    Keep yourself self-dependent, confident and positive all the time.
    Avoid unnecessary distractions and anger which damages creative thinking.
  • Utilize your dreams to focus on long term goals and achievements.
  • Work based on importance, priorities and necessity of creative concept.
  • Should always be self-motivated and inspired by creative & successful role model and follow his success path.
  • Always be punctual in timings and maintain your daily task efficiently.

“When dreams come true creativity becomes art.”

Martin Schuster

Written by : Samir Panchal – Lead UI/UX Designer

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