Path of Success…

“Love your dreams to setup a first step stone 
to climb the ladder of Success & Achievement”

Success is never ending journey for the men who has three ‘D’s in their life.  It means Dream, Desire & Dedication to work.   Achieving something that you have dreamed is not easy but it’s not impossible, so always believe in yourself to climb the ladder of success to your dreams & goals. 


  • Stay focused on your dreams & desires
  • Accept changes along with the time
  • Set clear vision to achieve it
  • Believe in yourself and be confident
  • Motivate yourself & think positive


  • Avoid negative outcomes of thoughts such as assumptions, fear etc. 
  • Avoid negative talk of the people 
  • Avoid taking suggestions from everyone
  • Avoid taking decision instantly

Here i would like to share road map of my professional  journey along with the various type of experiences that i have gained through out my 40 years of life.  

At each & every moment in my life i have learned something new.  First 20 years of my life spent in learning out of education and another 20 years spent in earning experience out of it. Now what will be next 20 years still same in gaining experiences??? No, Now I want to add godly & spiritual life with to receive heaven after the death.

Still the journey of earning & learning is on… Here how it is on…

Professional trail in last 20 years of my life…

  • Securing 18+ years of experience in Graphic, Web & User Interface (UI) Designing for the desktops & mobiles with User Experience (UX) & Human Computer Interaction (HCI) expertise to achieve highest customer satisfaction.
  • Strong Design Analysis, Conceptualization & Creating Theme experience is not limited to story boarding, wire framing, prototyping, production of graphical & digital assets with typography, iconography, information architecture and data visualization.
  • Excellent verbal & written communication with exceptional presentation skills for the product branding, advertising & marketing campaigns.
  • Vast experience in serving US Federal Government Offices & Agencies including health care & tele-communication clients not limited to news, multimedia, advertising & printing media companies.
  • Extensive knowledge on 2D-3D designing, Interactive CD Development & Presentation including wide experience in printing technologies such as screen printing & offset printing.

Highlights of skills & education in success path…

Operating Systems such as Windows 92, 94, 95, 97, 98, 2000 / XP / Vista, 7 & 8, DOS, Linux, MAC OS-7 & 9 along with the Design, Development, Documentation & Project Management tools.

Expertise on Graphics & multimedia tools like Adobe Creative Cloud (CC), Adobe Creative Suite (CS, CS3, CS4, CS5), Adobe Premiere, Aftereffects, Photoshop, illustrator, In-design, Page Maker, Flash, Live-cycle Designer, Visio, Captivate, Quark Express, Corel-Draw, Swift 3D, Cinema 4D, Sound Forge. 

Text editor tools like Dreamweaver, Visual Web Developer, Visual Studio-2010, Eclipse, Android Studio, Oracle j-developer, Notepad++, Web storm and documentation tools like Office 2007 & 2013, Acrobat Professional.

Content management tools like Adobe CQ5 / AEM, Joomla, Lectora, Scobi and project management tools Agile, Trello, Rally, Zoho, Jira, Tortoise SVN etc.

Programming languages like HTML 4-5, CSS,-2 & 3, Cold Fusion, Angular-JS, j-query & Java Script, Bootstrap-2.0, JSON, XML, C#, PHP, Core Java, Primefaces-2.0, JSF, Action Script-2.0Gained Bachelors in Commerce degree from Gujarat University in 1996 with Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA) & Desk Top Publishing in Computer Graphics (DTP), Also got few more training certifications from Microsoft in .Net Solution Architecture & SQL Server 2008 in the year 2010 along with the Apache Casandra & Kafka Certifications from Simplilearn & Amazone Web Services (AWS) in 2016 just now.

Earned Recognition & Honour so far…

Rising Star of the Month

certificate awarded on 5th March, 2015

at  Nichetech Computer Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA


Life is not a destiny…
It’s a endless journey in the path of success…
you should keep yourself on and on…

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